• Introduction Générale

    STEELYARD PESON presents you its weighing system

    Innovative and wireless systems, an exclusive solution for all your on board weighing needs. Multipurpose, easy to install, our equipments will reach beyond your expectations.

  • La genèse des produits

    We designed and produced a range of high quality systems for you 

    To reply to all your expectations and to adapt to the major part of the active vehicles. Our systems are designed with exclusive components, studied and realized to an optimum solution.

  • les atouts des systèmes STEELYARD-PESON

    Without special maintenance, easy to install and to use, accurate, water resistant, armored and low energy consumer

    Our weighing systems resist to all working conditions, the exceptional performances are proof of the high profitability

  • La fabrication des PESONS

    Produced and assembled in our workshops, mass produced, our scales are treated against wear and corrosion

    French made, combining raw materials and ultimate technologies, supervised by our experts

  • Les avantages des systèmes STEELYARD-PESON

    STEELARD PESON designs high quality products

    Without any extra maintenance, wireless, high defined, profitable, water resistant, high strength, easy to install an to use.

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    Steelyard Peson, a choice for durable solution

    to use without restraint

Steelyard Peson 16 ton scale

16 Tonnes

With its ultra-strengthened design, the 16 tons scale is specially dedicated to big and heavy pieces of wood.

It is recommended for a 30 to 55 T/m cranes use, but also for excavator till 40 tons

  • Considered as durable, our 16 Tons scale are mass produced and protected by a steel shielding. They will adapt to all your labor constraints
  • The control desk is made in aluminum, inset into a steel protection and meets the standard IP67
  • Its connections wireless will protect you from the common troubles and will avoid any extra maintenance. 
  • Available with different types of attachment (inferiors and superiors), our 16 tons scale are able to adapt to all the mountings 


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Ready to work after ½ day installation, our system is easy and quick mounted.

It can be realized in a few steps :

  • Installation of the scale at the end of the crane
  • Fast mounting of  the control desk due to the included attachment kit
  • Installation of the printer in the cabin
  • Start up of the wireless communications between the scale, desk and printer
  • Start up and handling, facilitated by an easy and efficient ergonomy

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