Steelyard Peson now distributed by Howie Forestry Solutions in the UK!


From the article:

"A major problem facing timber hauliers is assessing the weight of timber. Different species of trees have different densities, which affects the weight; fresh cut wood is much heavier than timber stacked for a period. Ground conditions and soil types also affect growth rates of trees, which in turn influences the density. This is a minefield for hauliers, as overloading leads to safety issues, heavy fines and bans from entering the forest. Running underweight increases the operating cost of the lorry."

"HFS have been loading articulated timber trailers with their low ground pressure equipment for many years. An accurate method of assessing the weight of each load that is travelling down the road is a necessity. The company uses the Steelyard-Peson weigh link system, which it has found to be highly accurate and reliable, so much so that the company is now an authorised dealer and can supply and fit these weighers onto customers’ vehicles and loading equipment."

"The wireless on-board weighing system is installed between the end of the dipper boom and the rotator. It increases productivity by saving considerable loading time while maximising load capacity and distribution without overloading a vehicle. It is accurate no matter what position the vehicle is in, level or sloped, and is very sturdy, as it is manufactured from a solid block of high tensile steel. Fitting takes around half a day and it is easy to set up, use and is maintenance free. It is resistant to extreme shocks and designed for intensive use with different models in each of the 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-tonne scales to fit all types of linkages. It is a wireless communication system between the link and screen and requires no factory calibration. The weigh link has low energy consumption powered by a battery which lasts around a year. It is available with the new 7” touchscreen with easy-to-read and operate colour display and simplified data transmission for crane cabins or on the crane’s top seat. Both can be used with 12-36 voltage supplies and have the option of a wireless printer which can give a detailed customised print out."


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