NEW: French magazin "Mécanisation forestière" - 10/2021


EXHIBITION: Forexpo marks the resumption of forestry exhibitions!


A successful edition of Forexpo!


"Everyone wondered about the content of this trade fair, which was postponed twice and in an uncertain context. Would exhibitors and visitors be present in numbers? Would the situation allow the event to run smoothly? In the end, no fewer than 379 exhibitors of 23 different nationalities were keen to attend, and they were well advised to do so, as 23,361 visitors also took part. A figure that exceeded the organisers' expectations. A return to a semblance of normality in a good atmosphere of recovery, which allowed everyone to enjoy themselves and to get back in touch with the latest news in forestry mechanisation.


STEELYARD PESON was also present!


Translation extract p.15: "With strict, highly controlled roundwood transport regulations and fines that can quickly become high, weighing has become an essential part of road equipment. STEELYARD PESON, David Accambray's company, was present on various exhibits and celebrated its 10th anniversary this summer. The company has come a long way with its product made out of one solid bloc of stainless steel, which are extremely robust against torsion and vibration, and have a high level of reliability and precision in dynamic weighing, which has made their reputation.





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Steelyard Peson in the spotlight in Finland!



NEW : Finnish magazine "Metsätrans" - 05/2021





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NEW : German Magazine "Maschinen & Technik" - SPECIAL "2020 COLLECTION"

(ALMANACH 2020) - 01/2021


Dynamic weighing system with optimized load distribution during loading


By providing high-quality weighing systems with 99% accuracy, Steelyard Peson has become an important player in forestry industry. Steelyard Peson scales are precise, robust, easy to install, simple to operate and completely maintenance-free. Available in more than 60 standard models or as custom-made products, they are suitable for all loader cranes and excavators in the forestry, recycling and port industries.




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Who else is writing about Steelyard Peson?



The Swedish press



Ljusdals' local newspaper "Ljusdals-Posten" - Saturday 17 th August 2019 (Sweden)


The Steelyard Peson Team was pleased to be once again at the Mittia exhibition!


This year again, we made the trip to Järvsö/Sweden to exhibit at Mittia and were pleased to presenting our new 7" color touch screen Display!

Thank you to Linnea Nordström for your visit at our stand and this nice picture from the Steelyard-Team!




We are already looking forward to participating at the next edition!


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Svensk Åkeritidning Nr. 5 - October 2017


The Steelyard Peson Team was pleased to be again at Mittia 2017!


We are looking forward to participating at the next edition in 2019!




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Svensk Åkeritidning Nr. 2 - 2017


Erik Lärkhammar's Speed Loader (Summary of the article):


The reporter visited Erik just a few days after that he had taken the new speed loader into operation. This means that Erik had not so much experience of the equipment and the article is therefore, to a great extent, mostly a description of the components/equipments forming this loader.


Body Building Facts:


-  Volvo FH 540 8x4, year 2016

-  Parabolic suspension

-  3 Leduc hydraulic pumps

-  Loader SL 10002 from Floby Nya

-  Bilverkstad AB with Jonsered 2990 SR106

-  Loader Cabin XXL



Erik tells that the entire vehicle is good to drive on the road and it has a low center of gravity. The total weight is 31.5 ton and the total width is 3,08 m.


This is the second speed loader from FNB. The first one was built in 2014. Erik says that FNB is an outstanding body builder and no one can beat them when it comes to after sales-service.


The pumps are 3 x Leduc 130 litres and they are new for me. Leduc is a pretty new actor in the Swedish market but we chose them as they were very interested and granted us good guarantees.


This also goes for the scale from STEELYARD PESON. We have had great difficulties with other scale makes as their scales broke too often. So, now it will be very interesting to test the STEELYARD PESON scale. Anyhow, it looks very robost compared with the other makes we have tried and I am therefore optimistic about this scale.


The crane cabin is based on X-Cab XXL from K-Produkter. But in our cab they have increased the plate thickness and stiffened it with a square steel profile. The cabin also contains a  full-scale AC installation.


Erik also mentions that the crane boom support is a kind of reservoir for the return oil. The box-shaped support/reservoir is slowly filled with return oil before it flows down into the main oil reservoir. This prevents the oil to become overheated and prevents it from foaming. Small but very good details, says Erik.


The total price for this speed loader is a bit more than 6 million Swedish Kronor. It could no doubt be built at a lower price  -  but I want the best quality when it comes to components/equipments and also the overall apperance with painting and so on, concludes Erik.

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The French press​



French magazin "Mécanisation forestière" - 04/2019


FOCUS: The most powerful crane on the market is French and equipped with a 10-ton STEELYARD scale specially designed for Appydro rotators!


Testimony of David and Philippe Sueur from the forestry company Claude Sueur et Fils: "The use of a STEELYARD PESON scale was finally imposed to load serenely. Dynamic weighing is efficient and its use, transparent, does not slow down operations. "









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French magazine "Mécanisation forestière" - 11/2017


More than just a weighing tool with Steelyard scale


If it is mandatory to weigh one's load, then it must be done properly. With a tool that is suitable for forestry transport and that indicates reliable values, like the STEELYARD PESON scale, you can gain much more than just a weighing ticket. The result is faster loading and better load balance, in addition to more lawful journeys.











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The German press



German Magazine "Forst & Technik" - 08/2020




With the new touch screen on its crane scales, STEELYARD PESON not only offers a wealth of information on the display, but also extensive options for managing transport orders. [...] The most modern variant is the transfer to the smartphone app by reading a QR code. This allows the data to be passed on as a digital ticket by e-mail or SMS.  





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German Magazine "Maschinen & Technik" - 06/2020


HEADSTORY: Dynamic weighing system with optimized load distribution during loading


The scale works completely wireless [...] the system is easy to install. Large, solid and waterproof display with touch screen. [...] Thanks to the dynamic weighing (in motion) and the accuracy of the scale (minimum 99%) you save valuable time during loading and optimise the loading work. This makes the work process much easier and better. 




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German Magazine "Forst&Technik" - Spécial Edition "ECHT STARK" - 08/2019


Lademeister (Loading master)


Assembly by the German coachbuilder "Fahrzeugbau F. Müller" and equipped with a STEELYARD scale. The only scale that is robust enough for intensive use!












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Germand Magazine "Forst&Technik" - 11/2018


Franzosen-Waage (French Scale)


What is the weight of a load of wood? Anyone who is really honest will admit that it is hardly possible to estimate the weight of round timber with any degree of reliability. There are simply too many factors that come into play. Even one and the same species of wood can vary greatly, depending on where it was grown and how long it has been drying. Nowadays, a weighing system is almost indispensable for precise unloading of the truck.











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