Preserve your equipments and your investments thanks to our RETROFIT solution

Our retrofit solution is made to adapt our wireless weighing system on your deficient material.

Thanks to Steelyard scale retrofit, it is possible to replace a wired or ducted system by our wireless system maintaining your existing system 

Our retrofit solution will allow to extend the life of your equipments with a wireless, efficient and durable solution

  • The Steelyard sensor is made to be firmly incorporated to your existing equipment
  • The control desk is made in aluminum, inset into a steel protection and meets the standard IP67
  • Its connections wireless will protect you from the common troubles and will avoid any extra maintenance.


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Ready to work after ½ day installation, our system is easy and quick mounted.

It can be realized in a few steps:

  • Installation of the scale at the end of the crane
  • Fast mounting of  the control desk due to the included attachment kit
  • Installation of the printer in the cabin
  • Start up of the wireless communications between the scale, desk and printer
  • Start up and handling, facilitated by an easy and efficient ergonomy

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