• Introduction Générale

    STEELYARD PESON presents you its weighing system

    Innovative and wireless systems, an exclusive solution for all your on board weighing needs. Multipurpose, easy to install, our equipments will reach beyond your expectations.

  • La genèse des produits

    We designed and produced a range of high quality systems for you 

    To reply to all your expectations and to adapt to the major part of the active vehicles. Our systems are designed with exclusive components, studied and realized to an optimum solution.

  • les atouts des systèmes STEELYARD-PESON

    Without special maintenance, easy to install and to use, accurate, water resistant, armored and low energy consumer

    Our weighing systems resist to all working conditions, the exceptional performances are proof of the high profitability

  • La fabrication des PESONS

    Produced and assembled in our workshops, mass produced, our scales are treated against wear and corrosion

    French made, combining raw materials and ultimate technologies, supervised by our experts

  • Les avantages des systèmes STEELYARD-PESON

    STEELARD PESON designs high quality products

    Without any extra maintenance, wireless, high defined, profitable, water resistant, high strength, easy to install an to use.

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    Steelyard Peson, a choice for durable solution

    to use without restraint

Ljusdals' local newspaper "Ljusdals-Posten" - Saturday 17 th August 2019 (Sweden)

The Steelyard Peson Team was pleased to be once again at the Mittia exhibition!


This year again, we made the trip to Järvsö/Sweden to exhibit at Mittia and were pleased to presenting our new 7" color touch screen Display!

Thank you to Linnea Nordström for your visit at our stand and this nice picture from the Steelyard-Team!


We are already looking forward to participating at the next edition!






Svensk Åkeritidning Nr. 5 - October 2017

The Steelyard Peson Team was pleased to be again at Mittia 2017!


We are looking forward to participating at the next edition in 2019!







Svensk Åkeritidning Nr. 2 - 2017

Erik Lärkhammar's Speed Loader (Summary of the article):


The reporter visited Erik just a few days after that he had taken the new speed loader into operation. This means that Erik had not so much experience of the equipment and the article is therefore, to a great extent, mostly a description of the components/equipments forming this loader.


Body Building Facts:


-  Volvo FH 540 8x4, year 2016

-  Parabolic suspension

-  3 Leduc hydraulic pumps

-  Loader SL 10002 from Floby Nya

-  Bilverkstad AB with Jonsered 2990 SR106

-  Loader Cabin XXL



Erik tells that the entire vehicle is good to drive on the road and it has a low center of gravity. The total weight is 31.5 ton and the total width is 3,08 m.


This is the second speed loader from FNB. The first one was built in 2014. Erik says that FNB is an outstanding body builder and no one can beat them when it comes to after sales-service.


The pumps are 3 x Leduc 130 litres and they are new for me. Leduc is a pretty new actor in the Swedish market but we chose them as they were very interested and granted us good guarantees.


This also goes for the scale from STEELYARD PESON. We have had great difficulties with other scale makes as their scales broke too often. So, now it will be very interesting to test the STEELYARD PESON scale. Anyhow, it looks very robost compared with the other makes we have tried and I am therefore optimistic about this scale.


The crane cabin is based on X-Cab XXL from K-Produkter. But in our cab they have increased the plate thickness and stiffened it with a square steel profile. The cabin also contains a  full-scale AC installation.


Erik also mentions that the crane boom support is a kind of reservoir for the return oil. The box-shaped support/reservoir is slowly filled with return oil before it flows down into the main oil reservoir. This prevents the oil to become overheated and prevents it from foaming. Small but very good details, says Erik.


The total price for this speed loader is a bit more than 6 million Swedish Kronor. It could no doubt be built at a lower price  -  but I want the best quality when it comes to components/equipments and also the overall apperance with painting and so on, concludes Erik.